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Picked up my first BMW from this dealer last week. Did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews on dealers. This dealership came on top aside from one bad review out of 50. Like any other business it's not easy to keep every single customer happy. So in response to that bad review, like any decent business, i was looking for a legit response from the business, which i found and it was enough for me to prove that this dealer cares about the reputation and customer feedback. As for my car, i tried to cover myself and asked for a pre purchase inspection by my dealer, Which Village Luxury cars had no problem with and Omid, was more than accommodating. He also suggested a certain warranty package by auto guard, which given the nature of luxury cars, it made sense and i purchased it. I also wanted to make sure that i get specific items covered under warranty package and Omid customized the options in the package to fit my needs. My mechanic, found a couple of issues with the car, pretty normal for an older car, and after discussing with Omid, he agreed to fix the issues found. I'm supposed to get the receipt or work orders for all the fixes done to the car mailed to me by the end of the month. The car was in clean conditions, decently detailed but not overly done, like shining the engine components which tends to hid the problems, oil leaks, etc. Of course as with any major investment, you'll need to be vigilant and do your research on similar cars in the market, warranty package prices and all the possible problems and maintenance involved with the car you are planning to buy, so you can negotiate with some knowledge. when i showed up to close the deal, all the paper work was done and ready to go. the car had plates installed and all the registration papers were ready to be signed. it was a very easy process. I'd like to thank Omid for his professionalism and availability to answer all my concerns and questions. I'd definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for a second hand luxury premium car. Ali

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