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kenpongGhanaian businessman, Kennedy ‘Cappuccino’ Agyapong, President and CEO of Kenpong Group of Companies Kennedy is surley living large! From fabulous mansions to luxurious cars, he has it all. Check out his fleet of cars that recently went viral on the internet. So how does he make his money? The Kenpong Group offers solutions in the charter airline, Vodafone mobile communications, construction and travel & tour industries.enpong has a history of excellence that started in the construction industry by providing solutions in various areas to blue chip global companies as well as the Government of Ghana.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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What kind of car is this? | Yahoo Answers

It's the King of the Neo-Classics - the Zimmer Golden Spirit was basically a Lincoln Continental Limo with a retro body kit added to it.
My kid's had one for their graduation prom.

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