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Experience an out-of-town sporting event or a visit to a family member beyond the city limits without having to worry about the hassles of traffic or finding a ride home. Driving in and out of the city with your own vehicle can be tricky business - especially during rush hour. And once you get to your destination, you have to worry about parking.

Dial 7's luxury car service in NYC, New York will drive you to and from your destination so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Our convenient round-trip service allows you to be dropped off at your destination and have your driver wait for you to bring you back. You don't have to worry about hailing a cab or not being able to find a ride back home.

With Dial 7, rates are competitive and there are no hidden charges. Our NY luxury car service is always affordable; in fact, for every $100 in the round-trip fare, we will provide you with a half-hour of free waiting time. Our NY luxury car service has over 1000 vehicles available for you to choose from including Mercedes Benz, Standart cars, Lincoln Town Cars, Luxury sedans, SUVs, Limos and Hummers. We can also provide mini and full-size vans to make your round trip as comfortable as possible.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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Popular Q&A

What's the best car service in NYC?

The biggest, best and most professional for general use is Skyline Ride. In fact, they have so many corporate clients that they have cars pre-stationed full-time at every New York airport, so when you get off a plane you call them from baggage claim, and your Town Car pulls up as you walk outside. Online reservations, the whole bit.

Where to rent super luxury sports cars in NYC area? | Yahoo Answers

no one rents Gallardos, so get rich or make friends with a rich new yorker and borrow his. A Gallado is a piece of art, its not your average Ford Focus so no one rents them. Lambo wouldnt allow it anyway, I mean if someone personally bought a few and chose to rent them its diff, but you wont find any commercial places or anything big in this area at least, maybe overseas

What is the cheapest car service from NYC to JFK?

NYC Car and Limousine Service (212) 777-7777, offers special pricing to JFK for $40. on!

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