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I know I'm a newby here, so this may not work being that it's my 2nd post. I won't get my feelings hurt if it's taken down. But I do have a very good deal on an F1 Transmission for a 2005 Quattroporte!

It came out of a car that I sold recently. That car had lost an oil pump and the motor let go, so I bought a used motor to slap in the car and it came with a transmission as an added bonus. So I put all that stuff in the car together and sold the car.

The transmission I'm selling had 17k miles on it and worked 100% flawlessly. Right now it's on a no-reserve auction for $500 on ebay. I realize it's not preferred to come on a forum selling something as your first or 2nd post, but I figured I'd honestly be doing someone a favor as this tranny is just taking up space and I don't need it so someone could get a GREAT deal!

For credibility sake, I'm on Lamborghini-talk.com, lambopower.com, 6speedonline.com, luxury4play.com, etc etc. But mods, feel free to take this down if I'm jumping the gun a little.

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