Royale luxury car service

Orlando Hotel Services

To help make your stay with us in Orlando a pleasurable and unforgettable experience, the staff at the Caribe Royale is readily available to meet and exceed the needs of even the most discriminating traveler. The Caribe Royale is located just 1.5 miles from the Walt Disney World® area.

  • to purchase online. Conveniently located in the main lobby of our Orlando luxury hotel, our Guest Services Desk is equipped to provide an array of valuable services along with attraction ticket sales, local and general information and dining reservations.
  • Print Boarding Passes - Visit our complimentary boarding pass kiosk to print out your boarding passes, located next to the Hertz desk in the upper level of the Main Reception Building
  • Valet Parking is available at Caribe Royale. The costs are as follows: $9 plus tax Day Guest Valet (per day) and $12 plus tax Overnight Valet (per night). Visit our Restaurant/Bar and get your ticket validated (3 hour max). Complimentary self-parking also available. (During select special events a parking fee may be charged for non-registered guests.)
  • in our lobby and the cars are on property
  • and reservations
  • For a map of the hotel grounds click here
  • Wayfinding Map service for the visually impaired
  • Hotel basics - visit our
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  • Provides a Convenient Way to Change the Look of Most Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV Interiors - Helps Protect OEM Floor Mats or Disguise an Old One
  • Heavy Nibbed Backing to Keep Mats Securely in Place - Easy to Clean 100% Washable - All-Weather Protection Against Sleet, Ice, Snow, and Rain.
  • 4pc Full Set Includes (2) Front Driver Side & Passenger Side Floor Mats, (2) Rear Driver Side & Passenger Side Floor Mats

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