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Everyone is looking for a great deal when stepping into the showroom of a car dealership. But getting a car that is a great value extends past the price you pay at the showroom. You have to consider the quality of the car, how much you'll pay, and how much it costs to operate the vehicle in the long run.

This is exactly what US News and World Report in creating a list of the best cars for the money. The publication took into consideration a car's performance, safety, comfort, and reliability, but it also used data to determine the average cost of purchase. The five-year cost of ownership data came from Vincentric.

US News' list rates the best value in 21 vehicle categories, ranging from hybrids to heavy trucks.

"With new cars selling at record prices, shopping for a car that meets both your budget and lifestyle is an overwhelming process, " US News Best Cars managing editor Jamie Page Deaton said. "The 2015 Best Cars for the Money awards help car shoppers quickly identify models that are great values and a pleasure to own."

Honda Motor Company came away as the big winner. Its Honda and Acura brands took the top spot in six of the 21 categories.

"In recent years, Honda has focused on providing more standard features in its Honda products and sportier performance for Acura models, " Page Deaton said. "That focus has resulted in more praise from professional car critics. Consumers now have more reasons beyond value to buy a Honda or Acura."

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Popular Q&A

What is the best luxury/sports car for under $60,000?

The A4 Audi is widely recognized as one of the best Luxury cars under 60k. Personally I would just keep my Honda Civic! !

What are the Best Luxury/Sports Cars? | Yahoo Answers

If you are looking into a little cheaper yet sporty and luxurious car then you can check out
Acura, Lexus or BMW. The new Acura TSX is a good entry level sports sedan with over 200HP and yet Luxurious. The Lexus IS RWD or AWD is also a Luxury Sporty 4 door sedan and others may be more priced. Like the BMW 3 Series or 5 series. A high end sports car that is good is like a Porches or Maserati and Bentley Continental GT or Audi A7 and the Lexus ISF is great for a sporty luxury car

What are the best car lease deals according to US News?

According to US News the best car lease deals that are available include those from Car Max and Geico, they offer good quotes and rates and available to help those with bad credit.

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