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2006 Buick Lucerne Houston Used Cars for SaleBy Fred Patrick – The Buick Lucerne came up with a mesmerizing design and dynamic features. The exterior of the car was designed so well that it was successful in beating many of its customers at that time. On the other hand, the interior theme was based on comfort and convenience of the passengers. Lucerne also has a warranty of good four years and 80, 0000 kilometers. Besides this, there are many other exciting features embedded in this car.

The design of the car is based on European styling that includes large headlamps and wedge shaped profile. In addition to this, the basic roots of the brand are still the same such as the trademark of Buick, which is chrome embellished, chrome accented and waterfall grille, handles of the doors, molding, windows etc. The twin-chromed tailpipes add a sporty look to the car while the V8 engine makes it even more enticing. Lucerne has the distinction of having such powerful engine which many of its competitors like Kia Amanti, Ford Five Hundred, Hyundai Azera and Toyota Avalon do not have. However, the Chrysler 300C gave it a big competition.

After the launch of Buick Lucerne in the year 2006, many test drivers revealed that it is the perfect sedan. The 3.8-liter engine of the car has the special technology of Electronic Throttle Control that enables the car to consume less fuel. On the other hand, the car is environment –friendly and thus there are few emissions. In addition to this, other features of the car includes rain sensing wipers, parking assistance, on-board navigation, remote control starting, satellite radio, audio system and much more. Not only is this, but the car is also equipped with Quick Tuning system that ensures a smooth drive without any noise. For the safety measures, it has six air bags. These six air bags also include a dual-stage bad along with roof rail airbag and side air bag. Besides this, the 17-inch alloy wheels make driving a comfortable experience.

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