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Luxury Malibu Real EstateLong hailed as a jewel of Southern California’s gorgeous Pacific Coastline, the city of Malibu remains one of the most coveted destinations in Los Angeles. Along with its miles of breathtaking beaches, lush rolling hills, and an exclusive oceanfront lifestyle, this is home to a community that includes some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the region. Hilton & Hyland, the preeminent luxury Malibu real estate firm, is proving time and time again that it is the leading way to ensure the success of any transaction in this high-profile market.

Helmed by two prominent LA real estate figures – Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland – the firm is not only one of the most distinguished, but also one of the most respected and reliable luxury real estate services available today. Hilton is instantly recognizable as an heir of the hotel clan and as an investor and developer who has fostered a successful career. Hyland, noted for his knowledge of architectural history along with his achievements as a real estate agent, has published volumes of architecture books that have received global acclaim. Together, they have built the company on a foundation of professional expertise and client services that has set the industry standard since 1993.

Over the years, Hilton & Hyland has also cultivated a team of gifted professionals that embodies the reputation of the firm and can deliver the results that well-heeled investors expect. And with the support of Christies International Real Estate, the renowned brokerage firm, the success of any venture is all but guaranteed. It is no wonder that the firm has worked with a coterie of high net worth clients in prestigious areas ranging from Malibu to the Platinum Triangle of Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and .

Hilton & Hyland cites the following qualities for why Malibu is an outstanding place to invest:

  • Some of the most valuable real estate in Los Angeles, with an average price per-square foot of $653. The current average listing price is $5, 519, 935.
  • Growth is steady, despite the flagging national economy. As of November 2012, the median sales price is up 19.5% from the same period in 2011.
  • Malibu is home to many affluent residents and the median income is $121, 241.
  • A mix of upscale properties including beautifully restored architectural works and award winning new construction.
  • 21 miles of pristine beaches and a location that is close to the glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles..
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