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What is luxury service?

Customers have never been as demanding as they are today and expectations continue to rise rapidly. In the past few years alone we’ve seen personalisation, targeted ads and a seamless multi-channel experience become must haves rather than nice to haves, and the level of personalised attention consumers expect from brands is now staggering. It is also easier than ever to share this satisfaction (or indeed dissatisfaction). Brands need to ensure that they live up to these expectations to fuel positive word of mouth in this increasingly demanding society. But this is easier said than done.

Continuing the service

One way to go above and beyond and prove to customers that they really are valued is to continue the service - and conversation - after they’ve made a purchase.

The type of after-care expected, and indeed required, differs depending on the retailer. Customers popping down to their corner store for a loaf of bread and some milk will not expect the same service post-purchase as a customer purchasing a handbag from Louis Vuitton.

For a cornerstore shopper, good service will involve being open at the most convenient times, implementing relevant promotions, or doing a door drop highlighting the best deals. For a high street shopper, service after-sale is about feedback opportunities, easy online/offline returns policies, and the knowledge that they can get hold of a customer service member easily should they need to. For a luxury retailer, such as Louis Vuitton, the after-care will focus on following up on the experience and providing attention and care to the customer post-purchase – demonstrating to the customer that they are not only valued at the point of sale, but building a connection over time.

It is a very different story when shopping for other products such as clothes or electronics in the high street, where competition between stores is stiff, and choice proliferates. Here, it makes very little sense not to continue service post-sale, given that this can be sufficient to nudge preference or loyalty, and result in repeat purchase. Retailers also need to bear in mind the old but true adage that it costs less to retain an existing customer than it does to attract a new one.

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what does luxury service mean in business terms? | Yahoo Answers

It means the best service available, catering to a customers every whim, making them feel like royalty.

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