All luxury cars in GTA

GTA V – Find All Unique Vehicles Locations Guide (GSF)
  1. Submarine – Obtained after purchase Dock Sonar Collections (250k)
  2. Tractor – Unique, historic, rusty tractor. It is located near the house, situated at the lighthouse
  3. Military Base – Fort Zancudo is an unlimited source of military hardware. You will find m. In. tank, jet P-996 Lazer and helicopters. Be careful, however, because breaking into Fort will be equivalent to four stars. The tank from time to time goes on patrol, so you can just wait for him at the gate, and try to take it over when it is close. Search aircraft on the runway and hangars.
  4. Nagasaki Blazer – Unique quad. After the game playing Trevor receive a text message from Ron, who reports that trailer wheel left a little gift. Visit your Safe-house to pick up the quad.
  5. Space Docker – Car aliens. This is where you will meet and begin a quest Omega relies on collecting 50 parts of the spacecraft. After collecting all the items and putting them Omega will be the cut-scene, in which you will enter into his garage. The car is in the garage and you can take it on the video.
  6. FIB SUV and Buffalo – In the surrounding large satellite dishes you can find a small event. There you will find Buffalo and Suva with FIB. Their theft cannot be any stars, but who are local agents react and opened fire. If you wait a little, it would meet bickering and start shooting themselves in each other.
  7. HVY Dump – Big dump used by nearby workers. Stationary find elevated.
  8. Park Ranger – Vehicle rangers. Located behind the gates of the complex antenna.
  9. Addler – Coming dozen meters south of a nearby shop with clothes you encounter a parked right on the street Addlera, or the car you buy costs nearly one million US dollars!
  10. Buzzard Helicopter – Military helicopter. To get much simpler than at Fort Zancudo. It is located on the roof of the government building. For the entrance to the area do not get stars. All doors will also automatically open when you drive under them. To get to the roof you need to use a ladder on the back of the building.
  11. Lifeguard Vapid SandKing – Vehicle water rescuers. On the beach, directly to the left of the carnival will also find off-truck Vapid SandKing XL.
  12. The airport in Los Santos – Airport is another place where you can stock up on airplanes. You will find m. In. Luxora and Shamal, the purchase of which would cost almost 3 million. Remember that if you do not have purchased hagnaru at the airport, after the entrance to the area you will get three stars.
Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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