Best selling luxury cars 2013


What’s the best-selling high-end luxury car in the US? If you guess the big BMW, Lexus or Mercedes- Benz sedan, you’d be close to correct. But the top seller actually appears to be the Tesla Model S electric car, with 4, 750 sales in the US for the first quarter of 2013, more than half again as much as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. That’s a stunning achievement for a car company founded in 2003. Fisker Automotive, the other high-profile electric car/plug-in hybrid startup of the last decade, has laid off most of its workforce. Tesla is moving on to new models and it’s bolstering its cash flow with technology and collaboration deals with other automakers such as Mercedes-Benz. Technology deals have been a huge source of revenue for small automakers. Porsche for decades provided engineering expertise for other automakers.

The Tesla Model S is a four-passenger sedan (two in comfort, two in back) with electric (only) propulsion and three levels of range via three battery packs, ranging from 208 to 265 miles on the EPA economy test cycle.

Top five luxury cars, first quarter 2013

  1. Tesla Model S, 4, 750 US sales January-March (estimated)
  2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class, 3, 077
  3. Lexus LS, 2, 860
  4. BMW 7 Series, 2, 338
  5. Audi A8, 1, 462

Why to treat sales figures with a grain of salt

There’s little doubt that the Tesla Model S is the top seller. But there is this: Tesla does not disclose exact sales, the same as the rarefied-price automakers such as Rolls-Royce. Unseemly, they sniff. So the 4, 750 sales is an estimate, but a close one, because eventually the sales register when the cars are registered and tabulated by the 50 states.

More importantly, Tesla’s pricing is at the low end of what the other high-end luxury cars sell for. The Tesla Model S lists at $62, 400 or $72, 400 with the 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery packs; the Model S Performance lists at $87, 400 with an 85 kWh battery. The cheapest Mercedes-Benz S-Class starts at $92, 400. Luxury car automakers have more years experience offering options that can increase the as-sold price by more than 50%. Options carry a higher profit margin than the base car.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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Best Luxury Car 2013
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Popular Q&A

what is the best selling luxury car company in the usa? | Yahoo Answers

Lexus is the best, and most reliable, from my experience. I've owned three (3) and never did any one ever "break" and have to go to the shop, other than routine preventive maintenance.

What is the best selling luxury car?

The Lexus ES 350 ($34,470) , the fifth generation of Lexus ES series, is the best selling luxury car for 2009.

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