Grand luxury Carpet

NY's wealthy relax amid rich earth tone carpets at the chic Chambers Hotel just off 5th Ave

Every day Americans walk on quality carpets made in the USA

Even though they likely don’t know who manufactured the carpets that grace the grand hallways or high-powered boardrooms, the governors of their clubs employ designers in the know. Designers employed across the country by esteemed institutions such as Chambers Hotel, The Standard Club, and the St. Francis Yacht Club demand luxurious, quality carpets made in the USA. For 37 years the brightest of these interior designers have turned to Bloomsburg Carpet Industries.

New York, NY

Walking distance from the world famous mid-town shopping on 5th Avenue, the Chambers Hotel offers chic shoppers 72 rooms and 5 suites in a centrally located oasis in one of the world’s most traveled and electric cities. It’s no wonder the designers of the hotel chose Bloombsburg Carpet for their luxury flooring!

The carpets in the warm dining area at Cafe Boulud on the Upper East Side create a quiet relaxed dining experience. Bloomsburg fabricators worked closely with designers when the carpets for this Madison Avenue eatery were being constructed.

Fine American made carpets by Bloomsburg Carpet were chosen for many aspects of this high-end residential tower in Austin, TXChicago, IL
Harrah’s Casino’s and hotels are owned by Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation. With over 75 years in the hotel and casino industry, this hospitality giant is focused on building loyalty and value with it’s guests at every property. Bloomsburg Carpet’s brilliant custom designs made with bright colorfast fibers were the choice for Harrah’s Illinois properties because they are known for their dramatic custom carpet designs, durability and lasting beauty.

From the moment it was conceived members of The Standard Club have aimed for a model of excellence. The standard set by its founders is exemplified within the walls of this Chicago club with luxurious American made carpets.


Oak Hills Country Club – 200 miles east of Houston TX in San Antonio is the Oak Hills Country Club. Established in the early 20th Century it is the home to many great golf moments including Arnold Palmer’s wins during the first two Texas Opens in ’61 and ’62. When it came time for the club’s board to choose new carpets, they came turned to America’s leading luxury carpet manufacturer, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries because nothing less would do.

Just 80 miles north of Oak Hills Country Club, in downtown Austin, TX, The Austonian luxury condos reside within the tallest building within the Austin city limits. On Congress Avenue, the high rise touts fine dining, shopping and Austin’s diverse nightlife all within walking distance of the tower. Not only do The Austonian’s condos offer up amazing views, amenities and services, but the luxury high rise is a recipient of Four-Stars by the Austin Energy Green Building Program. They are only the second building in Austin to have achieved a Four-Star Commercial Rating having built with environmentally friendly materials (link to green label carpeting) and resources, including Bloomsburg Carpet.

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