Luxury cars Saints Row 2

Complete the Sons of Samedi, Brotherhood, and Ronin mission lines to unlock the Ultor Corp. string. After you've done everything, a new marker will appear in Mission Beach. Travel to the marker and watch the cutscene. It's time to take back the city!

Mission 1: Picking a Fight

The club is now swarming with Ultor Masako squad members, and each one is armed with a shotgun or assault rifle. You're going to have to take it slow here to survive. The club has two exits, and your first task is to fight your way to one of them. Both exits are denoted by cyan shapes on the GPS. The front door at the north end of the club seems suitable for the escape, although you'll run into a troop of Masako squad members outside of either exit. Sprint away from the enemies and quickly find a vehicle.

You're next task is to rescue Shaundi and Pierce from the Ultor assassins that have been sent to kill them. They're at different locations, but there's no need to rush until you actually reach one of them. Head for the cyan marker closest to your current location first, which is Pierce. When you near Pierce's location, a Masako unit will appear on the GPS, and a health bar will appear in the top-left corner of the screen. You must kill all 10 assassins before Pierce's health bar is depleted to rescue him.

After killing all 10 assassins, get in one of the parked Ultor APCs with Pierce and start towards Shaundi's location. The police will put forth some considerable resistance along the way, although you should be able to barrel through everything with the APC. There will be plenty of SWAT truck barricades as well; try to swerve around if you can, but you should be able to just nudge your way through.

APCs are quite slow, however, so take a police cruiser instead if you would rather try speeding your way there.

Do yourself a favour and stop by the 'Forgive and Forget' drive-through just south of Shaundi's location. For a modest fee you can completely lower your Police Notoriety level, making this next objective much easier. Get a fresh car if yours is trashed and then continue to the marker on the GPS.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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Popular Q&A

What cars have underglow in saints row 2?

None,but there will be underglow available for every land vehicle in Saints Row: The Third

What are the saints row 2 cars

O Ring, Bootlegger, Venom Classic , Zircon, Five O, Taxi, Mockingbird, Stiletto,Wakazashi,NRG V8, Westbury, Danville, Compton,Voyage,Hammerhead,Nelson...MORE?

What is the cheat for repair car in Saints Row 2?

To repair your car in Saints Row 2, dial #1056. Keep using

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