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Luxury Coupe cars 2012

Regardless of price, there are few sports cars that can equal the unmitigated driving enjoyment of the Porsche Cayman. With its finely balanced chassis, midengine architecture and ultra-communicative steering, the Cayman makes even an average driver feel like a talented pilot. Both the base version and more powerful "S" versions boast a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine that provides a stunning soundtrack along with surprising fuel economy. The hatchback design and additional trunk up front lend some practicality to this performance machine.

Should a grand touring coupe be more your style, you can't go wrong with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This impressively solid and luxurious coupe is a multifaceted jewel, delivering ample performance, passenger space and practicality in a package that exudes quality and class. Though not a sport coupe in the pure sense, the E-Class coupe's capable handling, compliant suspension and airy cabin design create a welcoming environment from which to enjoy any road.

If you still want more performance than what the E-Class (or a standard 3 Series coupe) provides but still require a functional backseat, then the BMW M3 is hard to beat. Sporting a fantastic 414-hp V8, the M3 is an exceptionally well-rounded coupe that combines a roomy cabin and a comfortable ride with thrilling performance and handling that bests many serious sports cars. Yet despite its ability to tear up a winding road, the M3 remains supremely docile, which makes it well-suited as an enthusiast's daily driver.

Another worthwhile choice here would be Ford's Shelby GT500. Thanks to notable improvements made to the suspension, brakes and engine over the last few years, this ultimate Mustang has blossomed into a well-rounded, ultra-high-performance sport coupe.

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