Luxury Electric cars

Electrified vehicles are getting a shake up now that the Porsche plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) (aka the 4S e-hybrid) is here. Luxury, refinement and serious efficiency. Really! That PHEV is exciting.

For starters, the all electric range of 21 miles rated by the EPA. When you include the regenerative braking and drifting tests resulted in 30 miles all electric. That's competitive with the Cadillac ELR (not in luxury) and the BMW i8 ($10, 000 more to start at $135, 000). The only cars in all electric mode that do better are the Ford C-MAX and the Ford Fusion Energi at 30-40 miles all electric (don't expect the luxury).

Amazing Hybrid Electric Car
During the purely hybrid electric car test (no EV mode used), the car delivered 70-90 MPG. This makes the Porsche reign in fuel economy as a pure hybrid. It's one of the tops in the industry. The last car that got this MPG tested was a 2013 Toyota Camry hybrid electric that once got 61 MPG, but not for a long period of time..

As Porsche reports, the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid was much better than the hybrid electric version. For starters, this plugin has a really powerful electric motor and "higher-performance" batteries which help aid efficiency during hybrid mode and torque during all electric.

What About Comparing to Luxury PHEV?
When including all the green higher end cars with luxury were the Tesla at pure 100 MPG all electric and the Lexus 600h L was only 23 MPG to date. Expect it to exceed your expectations. With all the pimped out features of comfort (even the privacy curtains); comparing to Tesla Motors all electric and the Cadillac ELR on the plugin hybrid electric.

How Much Juice and Torque is in this PHEV?
During all lithium-ion electric mode it produces 95 hp; double that of the hybrid model at 47 hp. This plugin hybrid holds 9.4 kWh of batteries vs 1.7 kWh. The electric drive on the plugin produces 95 hp, which is double the power of the previous model's electric motor (47 hp). Another part of the plugin hybrid electric car is what this one can recharge with either a 110 Volt (Plug in the wall) or 220 amp (Dryer plug) service.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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Popular Q&A

Which is the most luxurious electric car in the uk?

There are some luxury/performance electric cars, such as the AC Propulsion Tzero, and the Tesla Roadster. May have to be imported from the USA.

where can i find $50 million funding for luxury electric cars ? | Yahoo Answers

Show your prototype to a few oil executives. They'll pay you to crush it.

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