Luxury p plate Legal cars

We received the photo above from reader Boris P., who writes, “Luxurious life in Sheepshead Bay. The neighborhood is in constant change for many years now. Three $100, 000 cars for one household says it all.”

Actually, to me it doesn’t say much. What’s more telling is that not one of these three cars – one of which, I believe, is illegally parked – has a New York State license plate. All three are Florida.

I’ve heard from residents (and noticed myself) that a walk down any block in Sheepshead Bay will yield several cars with out of state registration. As much as I would like to believe our area is becoming more of a tourist destination, I ain’t buying it.

I also don’t mean to put an undue spotlight on the person who owns the above vehicles. He’s just a small part of a larger trend, and there could be, conceivably, thousands of legitimate reasons to justify the scene we see here. That’s why we’re not running the location of the photo, and any attempt to put it in the comments will result in its immediate deletion.

If drivers are indeed scamming the system by registering their vehicles out of state to save money, as we constantly hear, how can authorities go about stopping it?

UPDATE (9/15/201): The homeowner called us to request we remove the photo, saying he has received “hate calls” in connection to this post. As a compromise, we’ve decided to edit out the house and blur the license plates.

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Popular Q&A

Is it a legal requirement to have a front license plate on a car in California?

It's not a matter of whether or not your car has the mounts - according to the DMV, if you were issued two plates (as are all passenger vehicles), you are required to have two plates on your car, front & back.  Vehicle Code section 5200.

where can i see what cars are legal and illegal on your p plate? | Yahoo Answers

Generally all cars except turbos or V8s and Tune 6 the odd car like a 350Z, 370Z is considered a tune 6. A XR6, SV6 or S is ok. The Vicroads, RTA, QLD, WA, NT transport on the website have the listed cars not available to P platers.
Thats the Vicroads 1 for example in the link you can put in the make/model and year and see if you can or not. You can now drive a turbo if it has 130kw per tonne or less new cars will have a build plate to comfirm this.

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