LuxuryLite carbon frame

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NEW! UltraLite Bug Shelter
Camp anywhere with this UltraLight Bug Shelter on top of your LuxuryLite Cot. No trees or stakes needed. It takes one minute to clip snugly atop the LuxuryLite Cot. It's a great way to spend a lazy day in camp when the bugs are out and sleep great all night long. The Bug Shelter has a full coverage mesh floor to stop ants, fleas, roaches, scorpians and other creepy crawlies. Nothing touches the ground but the 6 pairs of cot feet. Fits on the 26" UltraLite Cot, and the 26" or 30" Mesh Cot. Rain cover available below. Rain cover is 9x12 feet. Made from bio-degradable translucent green poly sheet. No zippers, easy to get in and out. Attaches to the frame with slip on vinyl tubing segments. Weighs just one pound. You can tuck the corners through the cot feet in gusty windy rainstorms, or in straight down rains, leave the edges hanging loose for ventilation. You gotta see this!... the amazing new 3 lb MetroWild Rolling Carry-On Luggage + External Frame Pack will carry all your gear in the city and into the wild...
New! LuxuryLite Shelter Bundle. This is a complete package that creates the lightest, lowest packed volume, and most comfortable camp-anywhere shelter. Total weight is 6lbs with the rain cover, 5lbs without. No trees or ropes or stakes needed. Camp on solid rock, beach sand, river gravel, deep snow, pickup truck bed, parking lots, or even your back porch. Anyone from a Girl Scout to a 325lb deer hunter can sleep great anywhere with this shelter. Includes a carry bag that holds all three components packed down to 7"x18".
FREE UltraLite Pillow with any Cot plus FREE shipping.
Therm-a-rest&reg LuxuryLite® UltraLite Cot FREE UltraLite Pillow with any Mesh Cot plus FREE shipping.
Thermarest LuxuryLite Mesh cots utilize fabric that is super tough. The mesh is cool for hot weather camping and rain will drain right through.
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Popular Q&A

Which is the best hardtail carbon frame MTB?

Most high-end companies know very well about bike designing. They do a lot of research on them. Just buy the one that fits in your budget, fits you well and is comfortable by trying it in a local bike shop. Also make sure that the components are good since components matter more that the frame.
You can also read some user reviews online for some advice once you have decided the model but don't take them too seriously.
Pay attention to frame size and wheel size (26", 29" or the new 27.5").

How long will a good carbon bicycle frame last?

There is no fool-proof way to test carbon fiber components for damage. Carbon parts can be x-rayed or inspected under a microscope to check structural integrity, but this is probably not worth the time and cost on your 9 year old frame.
Personally, I'd retire the bike, but if you do intend to keep it on the road, I'd recommend disassembling the bike and having your local qualified bike shop folks carefully inspect the frame and fork. As the previous answer says, the fork is a likely culprit, but it can be replaced easily if it's found to be damaged.
If damage is found on the frame itself …

What is a carbon frame?

Carbon fiber is a byproduct of petroleum and the more we use it the more oil we consume as a society. I suggest we do not use plastics in our buildings as they are highly toxic to our health. Stick with wood and stone. Metals conduct electricity and are bad for our mental health as they conduct too much energy and it bounces through the building. We need a calm environment to be healthy, and wood and stone are the most calming.

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