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Paws luxury Pet care

5 Paw Pets, Inc. was founded with the goal to provide love and the finest care to pets of all types in the absence of their owners. 5 Paw Pets is a well –established, reputable 5-Star professional pet care provider, offering a wide range of services to you and your pets.

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering “high-quality and on-time pet care and pet sitting services”. All of our pet care services are provided in a professional manner and are consistent whether our customers requires daily, weekly or vacation services for their pets. We understand that pets are considered a member of your family; we strive to treat your family members as one of our own, with love, finest care and respect!

All of our Professional pet care members are pet owners themselves. Each one is professionally trained, endure a detailed criminal background check, is frequently observed in the field to ensure that each and every one of our customers receive the 5-Paw treatment they deserve. They are all completely Licensed, Insured and Bonded.

5 Paw Pets offers you signature and quality, luxury pet care services. We dedicate ourselves to always doing the little things at no additional charge that sets us apart from our competitor. We believe that well-loved pets deserve the finest care, and we are committed to making that possible by offering luxury services such as:

  • Luxury Pet Care Service
  • Private or group dog walks
  • Comfort doggie parks
  • Dog Beach visits
  • Luxury pet visits
  • Luxury pet fitness programs
  • Luxury private pet boarding (cage free)
  • Luxury doggie day care
  • Professional yard clean up
  • Luxury pet transportation
  • Professional home care
  • Luxury Pet Services
  • Pet b-day party planners
  • Pet photography
  • Pet baths
  • Skin & dental pet care
  • Pet vet visits
  • Pet medication & injections
  • Pet shopping
  • Professional pet chef
  • All others pet errands).

    5 Paw Pets is the same as 5-star, but in our pet world, and we are here to offer you World – class service at all times.

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Can you ride the horses that you are taking care of on pet vet paws and claws

Added On By Amyzone:
Sad to say, no you can't. The only reason you probably have those horses that you're taking care of is because they are sick and their owners gave them to you to make them better. You can't really ride a sick horse, can you? There's a way to get their energy out, and that's by Upgrading the Stable and getting a paddock.
How to get horses out to the paddock:
You first take the horse out of it's box and lead it out back (where the green grass should be with a fence around it; you can only get it through upgrading to the last one). When you get it out, bring it out…

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