Thick luxury Business cards

At Digital Printing Ireland we're 'Thick’, ‘Really Thick’. Normally it’s not such a good thing to be thick but in the case of our Extra Thick Business Cards we believe the thicker the better.

A high quality ultra-thick luxe premium business card sets the tone for your business, not just making a great impression but creating a lasting connection too. That’s where we can help.

We have all been handed a 'thin', lightweight low quality business card on occasion that may as well have been printed on tissue paper. Well, choose our double, triple or quadruple thick heavy weight materials for your quality luxe premium business cards and your card will leave a lasting impression, a good one that is.

Our HP Indigo digital printing process ensures rich, distinctive colour to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

The weight of our premium business cards is anything from 540gsm to a staggering 1190gsm. to put that into context a standard business card is normally around 300gsm. Now that is quality.

We offer you a great choice of options. You can choose cards with one design or many – all in the same order, thus saving you money. Get a sample pack of our premium business cards today.

Paper and finishes

Our easy-to-use online ordering will guide you through your high quality luxe premium business card choices.

You can choose cards sized 85mm x 55mm, 90mm x 55mm or 90mm x 50mm. Cards can be printed portrait or landscape and one side or both sides. Tip: 85 x 55mm is the standard size for business cards in Ireland.

Our double thick silk premium business cards are printed on a luxurious 540gsm white silk, which is nearly double the thickness of a standard business card. To further enhance your cards, we apply matt lamination to both sides of your double thick silk cards.

Our double thick uncoated business cards are printed on a luxurious 540gsm 'lite' white uncoated board, double the thickness of a standard business card and a beautiful luxurious feel which you will love.

Now for those of you that really want to stand out from the crowd, take a look at our premium triple thick (810gsm – 865gsm) and quadruple thick (1080gsm – 1190gsm) uncoated premium business cards with a customisable visible partial coloured edge. These cards are ultra-thick and have to be held to truly appreciate the quality.

There are 12 different customisable coloured core inserts available and this core is visible in the middle around the edge of the finished printed card, the finished card weight ranges from 810gsm to 1190gsm, depending on your choices. Considering a standard business card is usually printed on 300gsm hopefully you will appreciate just how high quality these ultra-premium heavy weight business cards really are.

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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  • HOLDS PLENTY of cards - 12 to 15, depending on how thick your business card is, yet it still has a sleek executive design.
  • FINGERPRINT PROOF - You will not be embarassed by messy smudges or scratches on the cover, because the tested etched design hides them.
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Popular Q&A

What is the thickness of a business card?

Most commercial printing company use 14 pt. card stock or 13 pt. card stock to print business cards. These are thick and durable enough.

How thick should my business card holder be? | Yahoo Answers

depends on how many business cards you want to put in it

Where can I order thick, Precut stationary paper for Business cards?

There are many brands of pre-cut, printable business cards available, but I would recommend Avery as the most reliable and highest quality brand around. They make creating your business cards really easy, with lots of online and downloadable templates.
You can choose from a range of styles and card shapes, including some with rounded corners or silver borders, and they go up to 270gsm weight which will give you a robust business card with a professional feel. Many of their cards can also be printed on both sides, for extra personalisation. Take a look at the full selection available on …

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