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Used luxury cars Dubai

Exotic Cars represents a vast range of premium and luxury vehicles of different brands both used and new.

We share a set of five core values: integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. These values have been part of our beliefs and convictions from its earliest days and experience. This is a Reputation that has earned the group, the trust of many hundred customers all over the world. All customers can be 100% guaranteed that all the cars are well inspected, having original mileage, clean papers, complete service history, and are accident free.Exotic Cars invited its customers to be wined and dined and get up-to-date on the changes to the latest models when it comes to automobiles. Truly Exotic Cars is a one stop showroom where you can find the most exotic, rarest cars ever made in the World.

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Sheikh Zayed Road


Dubai United Arab Emirates


Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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Popular Luxury Cars in Dubai from
Buy Luxurious Used Cars in Dubai with the Help of
Buy Luxurious Used Cars in Dubai with the Help of
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Which used luxury car to buy? | Yahoo Answers

Honestly I would check insurance roup of each, MPG and average running costs including services.
Then probably the cheapest to run. Unless any don't have something you require like Built in Sat Nav.
Andy C

Used luxury car? Think lease

With the average price of a new car topping $22,000 these days, many car buyers choose to lower their payments through leasing. Others may just buy used. Now they can lower payments even more by combining the strategies into one, and leasing a used car.

Yet buying vehicles coming off two- or three-year leases can also be expensive option. Just check the ads in your local paper. Most of these cars run in the $10,000 to $15,000 range.

Used-car leasing is finding a new niche, especially among so-called entry-level luxury cars - low-end BMWs, Cadillacs, Lexuses, Jaguars, and Audis - that many…

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