VW Exotic car

Photography by Motor TrendLuxury cars are not normally associated with speed, and to some degree, that’s understandable. If heads of state were to start drifting round corners and leaving trails of white smoke in their wake, it’d certainly be amusing, but probably not the most dignified way to get around.

For those of you who do want the forbidden mixture of both luxurious surroundings and speed, both Bentley and Rolls Royce have just the thing – the and the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, with Rolls-Royce also being behind the incredible V12-packing Wraith, one of our Cars of 2014.

Both of these cars are somewhat monsters. The is a great mammoth of a car, measuring 18 feet from end to end, and the Continental sits on 20-inch wheels as standard. These cars are status symbols, and they aren’t afraid to make that clear from the moment you lay your eyes on them. The Phantom has the classic, huge, grinning mouth of metal that is a Rolls Royce radiator grille, joined to the chunky and classic shape that suggests aerodynamics may have been an afterthought. The Bentley is more elegant and muscular, it’s smaller body bearing a more streamlined and modern look.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The powerful and bulky looks are matched by what’s under the hood – in the Phantom, you’ll find a 6.75L V12 generating 453hp, and capable of taking the 2.6 tonne brute from 0-60 in a respectable 6.1 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph.

In the, a rare beauty of an engine configuration is to be found, in the form of a 6L W12, the same configuration as can be found in other exotic cars across the VW group, such as the Spyker C12 Zagato and the concept-only Volkswagen W12. In the Continental, it puts out 567hp, pushing the Continental to 60 mph a full 1.5 seconds faster than the Phantom, and letting it reach a vastly superior top speed of 198 mph.

However, these cars are meant to be luxurious, not just fast, and, as you step inside both of these cars, you’ll realize that a lot of attention has been paid to creating a great cabin. In the Bentley, embroidered leather, walnut veneers, and a bevy of aluminum and chrome come together to evoke a classy and classic feel. The Rolls-Royce comes in to its own on the inside, as is expected. The air suspension provides an extremely comfortable ride, and wind and road noise are kept virtually silent. The seats are comfortable, and the carpet is deep. This car continues the Rolls Royce legacy effortlessly.

On the cost front, the Bentley is a clear winner, with a base price of $195, 495 to the Phantom’s $433, 550. Really, what it comes down to is which quality is more important to you – luxurious travel, or speed? Do you want to waft around like a world leader, or leave other drivers in the dust? For power, the Bentley is where you should be headed. If you want luxury, the Spirit of Ecstasy is calling.

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