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Lets just say that ever since I bought find a brand new BMW 7 series few weeks ago a neighbor from across the street stopped saying hi to me. My guess is that when you switch to drive an expensive / luxury car some people can become jealous; but that only goes for select few. Others, family and friends obviously will feel happy for you. 2.what people prefer in luxury cars?Ans: More Luxury, More Safety is most important key factor when people deciding to purchase luxury car apart from this Technology, Fuel Economy, Comfort & Automation factors also important3.Why BMW is most prestigious car around the world ?Ans: BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes :In the year 2014 BMW 3 Series is the best-selling entry-level luxury car in America, and it generally bests the sales numbers of the 2014 Audi A4 by a 3-to-1 margin. Given the 3 Series model lineup's greater complexity, the fact that it offers five different engine choices compared to Audi's relatively simple power train approach, and the BMW's three different body styles to the A4's single sedan model, perhaps this isn't much of a mystery. After all, people like to have choices.moreover Audis cost more to maintain Whether it’s an A3, an A4 or an A6, average repair estimates on an Audi remained highest - with the largest difference (+45%) apparent when comparing C-Class and A4 repair quotes.@ Some Interesting Facts About BMW...1.What does BMW stand for?Ans: BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916 originally making aircraft. They started making motorcycles in the early 1920’s (and they are fabulous too), and finally cars in about 1928.They have been creating beautifully engineered cars ever since, and gone through the usual business tie ups that major car manufacturers do from time to time, but without ever sacrificing what makes them a cut above the others.BMW full form is Bayerische Motoren Werke2.What does the BMW Roundel symbolize ?Ans: From Wikipedia: The BMW 303 was a middle sized saloon produced by BMW in 1933 and 1934. It was the first BMW to use the 'kidney grill' which today is a hallmark of the company's models.A huge part of the logo are the blue and white fields, and those come off the Bavarian flag. (Bavaria is a state in Germany. Yes. BMW's come from Bavaria.)3.When did BMW start to use 'series' tag?Ans: The first BMW 'series' was the 5-series. The first car with the 'series' tag was the E12. So, the answer is: 1972.4.What does 'E' stand for in BMW model code?Ans: Yes, if you're a BMW fan, you certainly know that all BMW cars have codes - E21, E30, E36, E39, E32, E12... So, what's with this?BMW does not use automobile platforms like any other manufactures, instead, each generation has a development code( Entwick lungsnummeren ), E = Entwicklung = Development5.BMW Motoradd built the world’s fastest motorcycle in 1937. The super two-wheeler was extremely aerodynamic, had a supercharged engine and could touch an astonishing speed of 278 km/h. © BMW Blog6.MW was founded by Franz Josef Popp in 1916 and is now primarily owned by the Quandt family.7.BMW also designs aero plane and train interiors.8.You will be surprised to know that BMW has been making electric cars for over 40 years now. BMW’s first electric car called the 1602 debuted at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Despite being all electric the car had 43 horses under the hood, almost half of the horse power of the petrol driven 1602.9.Nearing bankruptcy in 1959, BMW was almost taken over Mercedes. BMW though, pulled back because they found a private investor whose family till date owns BMW shares. © BMW Blog10. BMW’s world headquarters are massively popular. But very less people know that the design of the building is identical to that of a four cylinder engine. The design is a typical example of BMW’s four cylinder engine heritage11.Just like Lamborghini never started out with making cars, BMW was also not a car manufacturer in its initial years. To low down the shortage of air plane engines during the World War One, the German motoring icon used to make aero plane propellers. The BMW biplane hit 32, 000 feet in 1919, which was a world record back in the day. © BMW12.In 2009, BMW produced approximately 1.4 million vehicles. Additionally, 82, 000 motorcycles were produced by the company in 2009
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OxGord® 4pc Full Set Heavy Duty "DELUXE" Carpet Floor Mats, Universal Fit Mat for Car, SUV, Van & Trucks - Front & Rear, Driver & Passenger Seat (Black)
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The top 10 cars for CEOs: Chief Executive and choose the best wheels for work and play.(Executive Life)(Chief Executive ... An article from: Chief Executive (U.S.)
Book (Chief Executive Publishing)
BMW BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept (2014) Car Art Poster Print on 10 mil Archival Satin Paper Bronze Top Static View 17"x11"
Home (BMW)
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Apple Ipad Air 2 Case Borch Fashion Luxury Multi-function Protective Crystal Series Leather Light-weight Folding Flip Smart Case Cover for for Ipad Air 2 (Sky blue)
Wireless (Borch)
  • For Apple iPad with Retina Display
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