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Simmons Beautyrest BlackSusan writes:

Hi Pete,

A few years ago, we decided to upgrade from the queen mattress we had been sleeping on, to a king.

We had recently been on vacation and slept on a king size mattress at the hotel. The extra space in the mattress was luxurious.

And so, when we got home, we went shopping.

We have been through 4 mattresses over this short period of time. Our old queen was 10 years old at the time and still in good shape.

Thank God, we moved it to the guest room and didn't get rid of it. I can't tell you how many night's we've slept on that mattress in the guest room over the past 4 years.

It isn't as soft as the king mattresses we've had, but it isn't bad, like they became.

Therapedic Medi-Coil Permatuft Plush with Latex Foam amttressWe are debating as to what to do now. Is there a king size that doesn't sag on each side, leaving a huge hump up the middle? If so, we'd like to try again.

If not, we'll move our old queen back to our bedroom and forget the whole idea of sleeping on a king.

We are, both, of average height & weight, and in our mid fifties with no health issues to consider…just the usual aches and pains that come with age.

I've been reading your blog and I'm convinced that you have a solution for us. I would be most grateful for any advice you can offer. Susan

Hi Susan,

I can, indeed, help you…and have a couple of workable options for you.

First, an understanding of "The nature of the beast" concerning a king size mattress.

A king has two boxsprings, as you know. They run head to foot. Each boxspring has a rigid border. You then have two rigid edges running up the center of the mattress.

Also, the padding in the center of the mattress remains like new…as no one sleeps there. Thus, you have the hump up the middle and valleys on either side.

The quality of mattresses, in general, isn't very good today…unlike your 14 year old queen…purchased at a time when it was difficult to buy a bad mattress.

Today, the mattresses are one-sided and the paddings used, for the most part, aren't resilient.

Throw in the two rigid edges of the boxsprings good measure and the end result is the dramatic "King Wave" of hills and valleys.

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