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What are luxury home features?

Homeowners who own luxury Naples homes certainly aren’t having a hard time selling in today’s market. Demand is higher than it’s been in years, and everyone who wants to live in Naples wants a high-end luxury home.

Still, it helps to know what luxury buyers are looking for when it comes to homes at the high end of the spectrum.

Here are a few features people expect in this area when they’re looking for luxury homes.

A Lanai or Sunroom

Southwest Floridians love their sun and want as much of it as possible.

Your home will be more competitive it if comes with a lanai or sunroom. These rooms bring the outdoors inside and serve as perfect areas for lounging, dining, or entertaining. Those that open up into the backyard are in high demand, as well as those connected to outdoor kitchens.

Automated Technology

Buyers today want it all, and that includes automated technology.

You can make your home instantly competitive by adding smart home features to the premises. This includes remote controlled appliances, security that can be accessed from a phone and can remotely lock doors, automated thermostats, and other high-tech features.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers also know that if they’re paying top dollar for a home, they want it to be as full of value as possible – and that means making it energy efficient.

This includes everything from Energy Star-rated appliances to efficient windows that can reduce utility bills and save money each month – to the tune of 15 percent monthly. If you have solar panels on your home, that’s even better; they stand out in a positive way and are a great selling point.

High-End Fixtures and Surfaces

If your home doesn’t have nice countertops, cabinets, and fixtures, it won’t get nearly as much consideration as homes that do.

You don’t have to buy top-of-the-line Italian marble, but buyers do expect luxury Naples homes to have above-average surfaces and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. The same goes for flooring, too. Cheap laminate just won’t do.

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