What are luxury sheets?

PeachSkinSheetsI’m not sure if I have mentioned it on my site before, but my husband and I don’t have a regular bed. We used to. In fact we had a beautiful queen size bed at one point. Sadly, living in a tiny condo meant that we had to give up our bedroom (oh the things we do for our kids). As a result we have been sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room for the past 14 years. It is, by far, the WORST sleeping arrangement, but you do what you’ve got to do.

If you have ever spent any time on a sofa bed you know that it’s probably one of the most uncomfortable things to sleep on. I try to compensate for this with fluffy, snugly pillows and luxurious bedding.

I was recently sent a new set of sheets from a company called PeachSkinSheets.com. They asked if I would like to try out and review a set of sheets. I was happy to take them up on the opportunity.

Random color samplesI was impressed by how many colors PeachSkinSheets are available in. For the full size sheets (the size I needed) there are 13 colors to choose from including Chocolate, Crimson Red, Beach Blue, Midnight Black and Harvest Gold. I opted for the Sage Green sheets. Our living room is green and green is my favorite color.

The sheets arrived in a box wrapped in tissue paper (a nice touch). The sheets were inside a plastic package with an adorable little peach keychain charm. I wish I knew what happened to the charm. My daughter took it (she thought it was cute) and forgot where she put it.

SheetsLater on that night, before crawling into bed, we put the sheets on. I was impressed by just how incredibly soft the sheets felt. That is when I made a connection to the lovely texture of the sheets to the company name – Peachskin! The sheets kind of do remind me of a peach (just not that hairy/fuzzy part). LOL!

The sheets are so nice to sleep on. Even my husband -who doesn’t really think about things like sheets – commented on how soft they felt. He also said that they kept him feeling a bit cool at night. That might be because he’s used to sleeping on the flannel sheets we sleep on in the winter.

These sheets feel so nice that I look forward to going to bed at night just so I can get under these sheets and our big comfy comforter.

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Popular Q&A

What thread count sheets are considered luxury?

Sheet sets with thread counts from 800 and above are considered a luxury. They are often made with two ply linen and very soft. Also touch and feel the fabric to make sure to get the best product available.

What is the difference in luxury bed sheet thread counts? What type of bed sheets do 5-Star hotels use? | Yahoo Answers

Sheet thread count is very important. A very high thread count, can be hot in the summer. A low thread count, 200 or under, is a cheap sheet and you will feel the threads. It isn't just the thread counts but the type of cotton , like Egyptian cotton that makes the 5 star hotel sheets feel so good. The egyptian cotton threads have longer fibers and make for a smoother sheet, it also last forever. That link in your dryer is the threads breaking loose from the fabrics. The longer the fiber the less breaking of the ends . So if you are looking for a soft smooth sheet, look for egyptian cott…

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