What are luxury Lites?

Luxury Lites: Unsurpassed Quality in E-Hookahs & E-CigarettesLuxury Lites provides an extensive line of high quality alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. These include E-Cigarettes, both disposable and rechargeable, E-Hookahs and E-Cigars, as well as E-Juice and other accessories. “Our flagship product is our E-Hookah, which lasts up to 700 puffs, ” says Yaseen Waqar, CEO. “It has grown to be the number one E-Hookah in the U.S. because of our commitment to quality.” The electronic water vaporizer is available both with and without nicotine.

New larger and rechargeable E-Hookahs

Luxury Lites just launched a larger version of its flagship E-Hookah, available without nicotine only, which lasts up to 1, 000 puffs. It emits no tar, toxins or second-hand smoke. The company also introduced the first rechargeable E-Hookah on the market. “Our rechargeable version is more cost effective than a disposable ehookah, ” Waqar notes. “Consumers easily recharge the battery and change out the cartomizer. Kits come with one battery and five cartomizers, in five of our most popular flavors.” Each refill lasts around 1, 000 puffs, or 5, 000 puffs per kit. Another new product line is the company’s Gold Label disposable E-Cigarettes, available in full flavor, light and menthol. Less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, they have no tar, toxins or second-hand smoke, last up to 600 puffs, and can be used anywhere.

Other products include electronic Cuban cigars that last up to 1, 800 puffs, have no tar or toxins, and offer the rich, traditional flavor of a real Cuban cigar; the Ego-U refillable series, with two times the juice holding capacity and three times the battery life of other E-Cigarettes for the more advanced user; and E-Juice in 15 flavors, including tobacco, menthol and fruit flavors.

Luxury Lites’ rechargeable electronic cigarettes are also available in large and small kits. The large kit contains two rechargeable batteries and five cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall charger and one car charger. The starter kit is perfect for someone who is new to electronic cigarettes, and includes one rechargeable battery, two cartomizers and one USB charger. The company will soon be introducing new XL cartomizers, which will have the largest holding capacity in the industry.

“Quality is our priority, ” Waqar stresses. “There are 15 to 20 companies that are trying to copy the design of our flagship E-Hookah. They can mimic the way it looks, but they cannot copy the precision and engineering of our products.” Luxury Lites has a defective rate of less than one percent, whereas other companies in the industry have more than ten percent, he adds. “The way you present your product is what sells it initially, but it is the quality of the product that resells it.” The company offers a lifetime warranty on its rechargeable batteries.

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