What are luxury apartments called?

Luxury apartments are lovely, but the hidden costs can send you into a spiral.And if your landlord doesn’t budge, at the very least you’ll be a more satisfied lessee if you anticipate these 10 hidden costs prior to move-in:

  1. Killer energy bills. The downside to great light and high ceilings is the difficulty to maintain a consistent temperature. While the landlord is typically responsible for the natural gas bill, the tenant pays the electricity to cool down those warm summer months. Older, poorly insulated windows can also add enormously to energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, just 20 percent of homes constructed prior to 1980 have sufficient insulation and air sealing measures. The newest glass technologies — upgrades like multiple panes, selective coatings and inert gas between the panes — can filter summer sun and let in more sunshine in the winter.Other things to be on the lookout for: dirty air filters (replace once per month) and old refrigerators (using up to 50 percent more energy than new units).
  2. Gardening fees. Did you get lucky and find an apartment in the city with a stunning terrace or yard? Most often your lease will specify that the tenant is responsible for keeping it looking sharp. Permitting the shrubbery to die or proliferate may not be an option. Since plant life is high-maintenance and finding a good gardener in the city isn’t cheap, the upkeep can be draining both financially and physically.One hint to save money: Opt for native plants. They’re more likely to survive your outdoor conditions.
  3. The super tip. It is customary to tip the bevy of building staff who provide services to you during holidays and throughout the year. In addition to tipping superintendents or building managers, whose holiday bonuses can average $100 to $200 per residence also consider doormen ($25 to $150, typically, and up to $1, 000), parking attendants ($20 to $100) and elevator operators and porters ($20 to $75). The size of the tip will depend on the size of your building (the bigger the staff, the smaller the individual tip), quality of service, staff seniority, length of time you’ve lived in the building and the personal chemistry you have (or would like to have) with the individual.Pay in cash. Yes, you can moderate your tip based on your financial circumstances and level of frugality. If you skimp on the tip, they won’t sue. But be warned: You get what you pay for.
  4. The fee for Fifi. Owning a dog, cat or even a ferret in a congested city like New York or San Francisco is already a challenge that brings significant costs (walkers, vets, groomers, kennels). But some rentals also charge fees upwards of $500 a year, plus an additional month of security deposit.
  5. Pricey amenities. Luxury living is all about the amenities. You are welcome to ignore them, but you may have to pay regardless. Many apartment gyms come attached with a monthly fee, which can sometimes rival that of a private health club. Most meeting spaces in luxury rental buildings also require a fee in order for residents to rent out the space — at fairly high prices. There also may be additional charges for the swimming pool and other facilities.
  6. Storage...
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