What is luxury Hair?

I randomly remembered that there was a nail salon down the street from my house, and so I took a walk over. My eyebrows were in dire shape. I literally had fuzzy caterpillars on my forehead. Luxury is in a lil' strip mall with a pizza joint, Chinese food spot, convenience store, laundromat, Kumon center and some weird place that I can't figure out its purpose. Eh.
Well it looked like it was almost closing time when I got in, only one woman drying her nails and another getting her hair coiffed. The person who did my eyebrows was ready to get to work. She said I was pretty, which is always nice to hear.
Quickly assessing my face, she got started, asked me if I wanted them thin or with just a shape. Other than that, she knew what to do and was very fast. The wax they used slightly irritated my skin for about 20 minutes after, but that is easily forgivable. 10 dollars later (8 for service with my two dollar tip) I had some pretty sexy brows once again.

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Is Luxury Hair Direct legitimate?
Is Luxury Hair Direct legitimate?

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What is luxury hair?

Luxury Hair is a type of clip-in hair extensions. Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs, because it achieves the most natural look. here!

What is the best way to condition my thick, luxurious back hair? | Yahoo Answers

smear on some German Jackboot polish. It is most efficiently applied by a stern looking fraulein.

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