What luxury cars have the best reliability?

And this year, the most reliable car, according to more than 61, 000 of you, is the Toyota IQ. The diminuitive city car has come from nowhere to take the top spot in this ever-important category of the 2015 Driver Power survey.

Owners were clearly pleased with how the Toyota IQ has performed over the six years that it has been around. Toyota has a solid reputation for reliability generally, and that has clearly been passed on to its smallest model.

In fact the Toyota bloodline runs throuh the top ten of this category of Driver Power, with the IQ just edging out the Lexus NX and IS Mk3 for top spot. However, with these cars having just gone on sale, next year will give us a better indication of just how reliable the new crossover model and saloon are.

Japanese manufcaturers dominate the reliability top ten, proving exactly why they have such a solid reputation in this area. The Honda Jazz makes the top ten and so does the Nissan Leaf, proof that just because it has a complicated electric-only powertrain that doesn’t make it any less dependable.

Driver Power’s least reliable cars 2015

At the other end of the rankings, it’s bad news for Land Rover as it props up the table with not one but two models. The Discovery Mk3 comes in dead last and Range Rover Mk3 ranks just above it.

Unfortunately BMW also has two models at this end of the chart, and although they are older cars, the company will be a little disappointed that the quality hasn’t managed to be maintained.

1. Toyota iQ 98.81%
2. Lexus NX 98.71%
3. Lexus IS Mk3 98.58%
4. Hyundai i10 Mk2 98.46%
5. Honda Jazz Mk2 97.86%
6. Lexus GS Mk3 97.59%
7. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 97.50%
8. Nissan LEAF 97.45%
9. Kia Picanto Mk2 97.14%
10. SEAT Leon Mk3 96.90%

Bottom 10 cars for reliability

191. Citroen C5 Mk2 86.88%
192. Land Rover Range Rover Sport Mk1 86.00%
193. Peugeot 407 85.91%
194. Alfa Romeo MiTo 85.35%
195. Volvo V50 85.21%
196. BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible Mk5 84.78%
197. Ford Galaxy Mk3 83.56%
198. BMW 5 Series Mk5 83.48%

Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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