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Bob and his Chevy Volt Hybrid Electric CarBy Robert F. Stonerock, Jr., M.D., President of FREA

I have to tell you, I have never stopped being in awe of the many great things about driving an electric car. For sure, there is “another side to the coin, ” but for me the favorable aspects of an electric car greatly outweigh those of a conventional internal combustion vehicle. I’ll elaborate on this shortly.

Paradoxically, even though I do not prefer internal combustion technology, I chose to drive a Chevrolet Volt. However, I do have a well-considered rationale. I am illogically vulnerable to range anxiety, and my pattern of driving includes the possibility of some spontaneity. An on-board generator eliminates the worry about running out of juice in the middle of an off-the-cuff excursion. Also, for years I have liked the concept of an electric car with an on-board back-up generator, so the Volt simply fulfilled my dream. I have to concede to the fact that the Volt’s generator uses gasoline-fired internal combustion, but I consider this an interim step until fuel cells become standard or until biodiesel or renewable hydrogen generators become available. In choosing a Volt, I felt I was enabling the industry to proceed in developing these final solutions for an unlimited range plus a zero carbon footprint. For sure, it’s important to develop less expensive, higher-capacity batteries. When that day comes, there will be a wonderful choice between a pure electric vehicle versus one with a back-up generator that runs on renewable energy. I’ll be loving it when that day comes, and I think we are rapidly heading in that direction.

The interior of the 2012 Chevy Volt Cutaway concept on the Chevy Volt
Mercedes wallpapers all models.
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What is with luxury cars these days? | Yahoo Answers

i own a repair shop,and i have noticed it a lot on some of the higher end cars also like the jags and merc,s all of them are doing this,i think when one stumbles they all follow,but the truth of it is there trying to make them more simple but more luxurious,and its not working ,they look to plain looking to me,like they have lost all there glitter they used to have,i seen the inside of a new Lincoln.and its kind of plain looking but the price tag wasn't plain ,i don't think people are getting as much car for there money as they was, they might be safer,but the looks and quality of the t…

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