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Luxury Real EstateIt is a common misconception that the most luxurious things are the most costly. That is not always the case. When it comes to luxury real estate, you may not realize that there are times when property can be obtained at affordable prices. You could be upgraded into the house of your dreams – with a bit of help from us, Nancy-Jo & Iain Gurr.

Owners of luxury real estate run into situations just as those with standard properties sometimes do. They may need to sell quickly in order to accept a job transfer or relocate for family reasons, and thus will sell at below market. They can also find themselves in a situation in which they must downsize and sell at below market to make the process happen quickly. In other cases, luxury real estate may have gotten tied up in an estate and the heirs want it sold as soon as possible. There are also occasionally bank-owned luxury homes available. The bottom line is that with some persistence and our resources, you may be able to get into luxury real estate at a bargain.

We can easily locate both at-market and below-market luxury real estate properties, so whatever your needs are, we are confident we can find the home of your dreams. If you would like to know more about luxury real estate in Midland, Penetang, Tiny Township, Tay Township, Balm Beach or the waterfronts in the Southern Georgian area, give us a call. We’ll take down your information, criteria and budget, and then get to work for you!

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Toy (Mattel)
  • The Barbie Dream Townhouse is the ultimate luxury home, and now its newly renovated
  • New renovations include fab pink columns with glamorous photo-real wallpaper design
  • Three fabulous stories include dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, hot tub, and elevator
  • Features posh bedroom suite with attached balcony that includes a luxurious hot tub
  • Lights and sounds include doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, running shower water, and flushing toilet

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