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houseReal estate in Jamaica offers exceptional values, which makes it the perfect place to buy a second home in an island paradise.

Since the early 20th century, Jamaica has been a favorite place the affluent and famous to own a second home. Today, people from all walks of life own real estate in Jamaica as a vacation home or income property. In addition to its white sand beaches, beautiful mountains, and lush landscape, the prices for real estate in Jamaica tends to be 40 percent less than other Caribbean islands. Another reason Americans find Jamaica to be the best place to live for part of the year is that English is the official language. Additionally, most people can find their island dream home at a price that fits their budget.

Montego Bay Real Estate in Jamaica: Resort Style Living at Its Best

Located on Jamaica’s northwest coast, Montego Bay is well-established as an international vacation destination, so people exploring real estate in Jamaica for a second home start their search here. Montego Bay offers modern villas, condos, and luxury homes with scenic views of the bay or mountains in resort communities. Outside the resorts, house hunters can find beautiful historic homes featuring classic West Indian colonial architecture. People are surprised to discover they can afford these homes because luxury real estate in Jamaica is undervalued.

Ochos Rios Real Estate in Jamaica: Boat Lovers Paradise

Just a few years ago, Ochos Rios was a simple, laid-back fishing village. Today, it is a busy cruise ship port of call. In addition to resort communities and private gated neighborhoods, people looking for real estate in Jamaica in this area discover wonderful beachside cottages as well as private lots on mountainsides that overlook the reefs surrounding the bay. The marina offers slips for boats of all sizes.

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Buying Real Estate In Jamaica
Buying Real Estate In Jamaica
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Real Estate In Jamaica
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