What does luxury look like?

For seniors who are seeking an independent living situation that is aligned with an active, vibrant lifestyle, an ordinary retirement community simply won’t do. What these seniors need is a luxury retirement community they can live in happily for years to come – but what does that community look like? Here are some of the most appealing characteristics to look for.

A built-in lifestyle. In order to qualify as a luxury retirement community, a senior campus should offer a completely built-in lifestyle for adults 55 and over. This should include a full assortment of optional scheduled activities that are designed to cater to a variety of resident interests, whether those interests are games, crafts, reading or other hobbies.

Additionally, there should be plenty of onsite amenities that are available to residents anytime they like, such as flower and vegetable gardens they can grow themselves, a park for them to walk their personal pets, and walking trails designed for fitness and fun. There should be ample square footage on the property, so that residents can enjoy walks among orchards with their morning coffee, or take their grandchildren out for summer evening strolls. One of the things that sets luxury retirement communities apart from ordinary senior campuses is space – lots of it.

Beyond that, there should be complimentary transportation to local conveniences, including grocery stores and other errand destinations. Of course, seniors should be allowed to keep and drive their own vehicles if they have them, so that they can come and go as they please; after all, the ability to come and go is truly the definition of independent living.

Fine dining. Inclusive gourmet dining is a natural extension of a built-in lifestyle, and it should be available to the residents of a luxury retirement community three meals per day. In order to qualify as fine dining, the residents’ meals should be prepared by an onsite kitchen staff comprised of an experienced executive chef and a support team of competent sous chefs – just as they would at a restaurant. The staff should not be made up of cooks, but chefs who have graduated from a credentialed culinary program.

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