What is luxury Lifestyle?

Floyd Mayweather Shows Off .3 Million Supercar CollectionAs the world’s highest paid sports star Mayweather enjoys a luxury lifestyle, and a new book from his right-hand woman will reveal further insights into the boxing champ’s life.

Mayweather has not been shy in revealing his vast wealth to the world, frequently posting images on social media of his millions of dollars and his impressive shoe, sunglasses and jewellery collections, not to mention the stunning supercar collection he has gathered.

However, further accounts of his filthy rich lifestyle are set to be revealed in a new book from Tasha Robinson-White, who worked with the star for 12 years.

She tells of how the undefeated seven-time world boxing champion would lavish his staff with expensive cars and first-class travel – he regularly uses two private jets, one for him and his entourage and another for his bodyguard. Tasha told the Daily Mail that Mayweather bought her numerous gifts, including designer clothes, jewellery and a white gold Cartier watch.

When the star offered for Tasha’s wedding ring to be professionally cleaned, both her and her husband were shocked when it came back with a $10, 000 (AU$12, 633) diamond added to the ring.

The book reveals that Mayweather carries with him huge sums of cash at any one time in a bag, reportedly because he doesn’t trust credit cards. Withdrawing around $100, 000 on a daily basis, Mayweather likes to spend his money on looking good. In his home he was a walk-in wardrobe, which is routinely emptied and refilled with the latest fashion items. Separate rooms hold his furs and his leathers, while a shoe closet is packed with boxes of fresh kicks as he only wears a pair once before discarding them.

On top of these, the 37-year-old has two separate fleets of flash cars. As revealed on his social media, the collection at his Miami home is white, while his Las Vegas property houses a collection of only black cars.

The boxer also has a penchant for gambling and girls. Tasha says that he regularly insists on travelling with a harem of three women, mostly made up of strippers that he has met at strip clubs. Betting is also a favourite past time of his. He once bet over $1 million on a college football game, and also likes to gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars at the casino.

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What is the name of the luxury lifestyle magazine?

There is a magazine named Lux which is a Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. It costs 120 Euros to subscribe. !

What is the average income for a luxury lifestyle? | Yahoo Answers

It would depend on your personal definition to luxury. To a homeless person luxury would be to have a good house and decent food, to the middle class possibly 80,000 a year. To the rich luxury would only mean to have more money

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