Early American luxury cars

maxresdefault (1)Let’s start with the basics, more specifically, the three major American car manufacturers: Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. We see their vehicles on the road everyday, but how many of them are true luxury vehicles? Well, the closest you’ll get is with GM’s Cadillac, and Ford’s Lincoln. I won’t begin to waste anyone’s time with Buick. Though Buick may be on a better track in recent years when it comes to a more appealing lineup, you couldn’t possibly pay me enough to call any of them luxurious.


I have started with my favorite American luxury sedan, the 2014 Cadillac CTS. Let me just stop you from jumping to conclusions and say that the CTS was never a luxury car until it’s 3rd generation re-design for 2014. Dating back to 2002, the first generation CTS was actually good to look at if you were watching it pass by. However, from the cockpit it was another story. The sad, and frankly pathetic interior was insulting to semi-wealthy Americans (in my opinion of course). I wouldn’t have touched the first or second generation with a stick. But now, we have a real contender in the luxury auto market.


I wanted you to see what I love about this car, so I have also included an interior snapshot, posted above. I have driven various Mercedes and BMWs, finding myself appalled at the hideousness of what I was sitting in. But the Cadillac CTS wants you to feel right at home during your travels. And it proudly wears the Cadillac mark on it’s seats, a gesture that I can appreciate, just as I always have in the Infiniti vehicles.

The body work is remarkable, giving the classic Cadillac look, a make over.2014-Cadillac-CTS-front-interior But what gets me excited more than anything are the new headlights that don’t exactly wrap around the car so to speak, but instead they trickle backwards as if they were painted on, the car was driven, and physics did the rest. It is true art that has been incorporated into this car and I would be proud to own one.

In terms of power, at it’s best, the CTS offers a twin turbocharged V6, pushing out 420 horsepower, allowing you to have a little fun on the way to work.

The 2014 Cadillac CTS is in my opinion, the only true American luxury sedan manufactured by any of the three domestic manufacturers listed above. And since I don’t want this blog to go all day, I’ll just go ahead and say that no, the Chrysler 300 is not a luxury car.

There are other so called “luxury vehicles” such as the 2014 Cadillac Escalade and the 2014 Lincoln Navigator. They are large, decent looking, gas guzzlers that the average person will pay far too much for and think that they are driving a really nice luxury SUV. Oh, how sadly mistaken they are though.

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