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Sixt offers more than 4, 000 rental stations worldwide with over 400 stations spread throughout the country of Germany. Each station offers it's own unique selection of prestige car rentals including luxurious sports cars, high-class SUVs, convertibles and more. Some of the most popular premium car rentals that are available to take advantage of during your next trip to Germany include options such as a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or even a Maserati. Renting one of these premier luxury cars within Germany give you the chance to see and experience everything from the famous and scenic German Wine Road, making your way to vineyards along the way, to the cosmopolitan city of Berlin where adventure and excitement are waiting for you.

More Information about our Luxury Car Rentals in Germany

Luxury Car Rental in Germany

Renting a luxury car internationally has never been easier. Rentals through Sixt can easily and conveniently be arranged right from your computer. Upon your arrival, the vehicle that you have selected will be waiting for you at your desired rental station in Germany. This makes it easy to head out on the road right after arriving in this beautiful country. The perfect luxury car for your wants and needs can be selected in just minutes, depending upon availability during your travel dates. Prices can then be calculated and your premium car rental can be booked in just minutes.

Renting a Luxury Car From Sixt in Germany

If you have ever wanted to drive the car of your dreams, Sixt can help to make this a reality. Our selection of high-end, luxury car rentals continues to expand, bringing you some of the most sought-after vehicles in all of Europe. Wherever you need it, when you need it, your rental car is sure to be there waiting for you.

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You are limiting yourself greatly if your price ceiling is $8k. Secondly, the Lincoln LS is a POS. That's why they only were in production for seven years.
With your limited funds you should probably hunt for another Acura. Or consider a Infiniti G or Lexus IS, though I bet you'd have to pay 5 figures to get one that doesn't have a ton of mileage.

Also affordable sports/luxury car?

Hyundai offers a variety of luxury and sports cars that deliver breakthrough refinement, staggering performance, and unprecedented luxury at an affordable pricing.

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