Thailand luxury car market

The bedrock of true capitalist systems is a form of fairness— sometimes referred to as Strong Property Rights by economists.

If a person invests his money in something such as a house or shares in a business, no one, including the government is allowed to take that investment away from him — either with a gun, a confiscatory tax, or a regulation that so restricts its use that it becomes essentially worthless.

If a person risks his money and time starting a business and is skillful and fortunate enough to create a profit generating enterprise, no one, including the government is allowed to take that business away from him or threaten regulation that would force the person to give the business to another person.

This bedrock fairness principle extends to the even application of laws and regulation. A tax, rule, or regulation that is imposed on one must be imposed on everyone. The government cannot confer competitive advantage to one business by selective enforcement of taxes or rules against one business and leave another untouched.

All business are allowed to compete on a level playing field and let the best man or, in this case the most efficient and innovative business, win.

Countries like Thailand are not truly capitalist societies. They exercise a bastardized form of capitalism sometimes referred to as Crony Capitalism.

Under Crony Capitalism, a sub-group of people write the rules (laws and regulations) and selectively enforce them. Laws and regulations are written not to create a level playing field but are written for the exact opposite reason-to tilt the playing field to favor one group over another.

Crony Capitalism creates a game that appears fair at first glance but, in fact, has rules and practices that make it impossible for outsiders to win.

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