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As New Delhi, being the capital of India, many Indian tourists as well foreigners are coming to Delhi in view of their businesses, to attend meetings, seminars and for other important purposes. To cater their needs and to provide comfortable accommodation to them there are a lot of hotels in Delhi ranging from five star luxurious hotels to budget hotels. The selection of hotels for stay depends on the financial capacity of the individuals.

Most of the foreign tourists and affluent people prefer to stay in 5 star hotels in Delhi to enjoy the amenities and comforts provided by these hotels. Under this five star hotel category there are many hotels to engage the tourists and some of them are Imperial hotels, Park New Delhi hotels, Hotel Le Meridian, the Lalit New Delhi the Oberoi hotels and more.
Even though the facilities and latest amenities provided by these five star hotels are exorbitant and comfortable in all respects, all cannot afford to spare a huge amount of money in respect of heir accommodation. For such there are many 4 star hotels in Delhi and 3 star hotels in Delhi to provide accommodation to the guests, at a lower rate than five star hotels, but with no compromise on facilities for their stay.

Most of the hotels are located in either Delhi or near Delhi and the guests may not feel the difficulty of travelling to one place from other to do their businesses or go for sight seeing. Both five star hotels and other four star and three star hotels are very much concerned about the comfortable stay of the guests and have provided many facilities such as well furnished spacious rooms, spas, swimming pools shopping facilities and other essential amenities.

are there throughout India to promote tourism and to treat the foreign guests with respect and comfort. Likewise, there are many luxury hotels in Delhi, as New Delhi is the capital of India and a place of tourist attraction as well as a power centre.In addition to the above categories of hotels, there are a number of budget hotels Delhi and best hotels in Delhi to provide comfortable stay to the delegates and guests at affordable rates and these hotels are located in Karolbagh and Paharkanj areas of New Delhi. Besides, there are many affordable hotels in Delhi and cheap hotels in Delhi in all strategic areas and the tourists may not find it difficult to complete their business, by staying in these hotels.

There is no absolute necessity to stay in Luxury hotels India or Delhi and this is not economically viable for many people and that is why there are many hotels available at affordable rates all over India as well as in the capital.

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Where can one find out about luxury hotels in Cambridge?

Tripadvisor is a great place to get reviews on many different luxury hotels located in Cambridge. The reviews come from customers that have visited the hotels and are willing to share their experiences. Yelp is another great site to find customer reviews.

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