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If you are familiar with the historic town of Carlisle, you know that there is only one Bed & Breakfast located in the borough. What you may not know is this cozy B&B is also listed on the Select Registry.

I was able to experience the hospitality of Carlisle House B&B owners Alan and Mary first hand during a recent conference. I was assigned to collect the conference members each morning after breakfast and get them to where they needed to go. Being the generous hosts that they are, Alan and Mary invited me to join them for breakfast.

I had visited the Carlisle House before, and knew it was full of luxurious amenities like spa tubs, comfy sheets and soft robes. What I hadn't noticed before were some of the small details that landed this B&B on the Select Registry. In the front hall, guests were given the opportunity to purchase the comfy sheets, soft robes and delightfully scented soaps that were in their rooms. I had to chuckle each morning as the conference attendees strolled out to breakfast later and later because they were so comfortable in their beds they didn't' want to wake up! Menus of nearby restaurants were displayed in a basket with stickers attached to each menu displaying how many blocks away it was. Clearly labeled bins held visitor guides, brochures and other collateral for nearby destinations including Hershey, Harrisburg and Gettysburg. The day's weather forecast was posted each morning. They also installed a charging station for guests with electric cars, making them the first B&B in PA to have one!

My favorite part of the B&B is the delicious breakfast. Each morning, guests are treated to a variety of offerings including cereals, yogurts, coffee, tea and fruit. Fresh baked quiche and pastry are made each morning with the dietary restrictions of the current guests in mind. Alan and Mary greeted each guest by name, made introductions between guests and offered a variety of juices. They knew why each guest was visiting, asked them about their day and offered any feedback or answers to questions they could.

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