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Providing home buyers and sellers with easy access to the latest information of West Los Angeles luxury real estate, Valerie Fitzgerald has recently launched a new website.

The site serves as a comprehensive resource that features property listings, neighborhood video tours guided by Fitzgerald, area visitors guide, detailed property information and a new large scale photography platform to showcase its luxurious listings.

The site provides up-to-date information on the local residential real estate market, as well as on its blog, that’s updated with local real estate news and happenings to help keep visitors informed of local housing and real estate trends.

“West Los Angeles is one of the most amazing areas in the country to live for people who enjoy upscale shopping, dining and luxury amenities. It’s also in close proximity to some of the most famous beaches in the world, ” says Fitzgerald. “Whether you’re looking to move up in the market, find a pied-de-terre or are new to the area, this geographic area of Los Angeles has everything you need to live the perfect work-hard-play-hard lifestyle.”

The new website, designed by Ontario Canada based Goodfellow Creative, features a design that showcases Fitzgerald’s premier listings on the home page and intuitive graphics that visually communicate her listings photography and property features.

“Creating beautiful form and function was the goal with the ValerieFitzgerald.com site. Users needed to be blown away by stunning high resolution large scale visuals and an intuitive site design, ” says Ken Goodfellow, CEO & Chairman of CKG International. “It is no longer okay for realtors to have a website that just features listings. One stop area information will make Valerie’s site a vital resource for her buyers and sellers.”

The site also features Live Chat that allows visitors to chat live with Fitzgerald and her team members to answer questions in real time to immediately gain more information about properties their interested in. For people who are potentially looking to move to the West Los Angeles area, the website features an in-depth list of local private schools, neighborhood segmentation maps and a visitors guide that features Fitzgerald’s favorite local eateries and hotels.

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